Clothes suitable for hot wash

Sprinkle the stains with salt and let it sit. Dab with lemon juice and wash with warm water. Leave old stains soaking in milk yoghurt and wash the clothes afterwards. Rub champagne stains in warm water and leave it soaking in water mixed with lemon. Afterwards, wash the clothes with an enzyme-containing detergent. White clothes should be washed with an enzyme-containing detergent with bleach.

Coloured clothes

Sprinkle potato flour on the stain. Brush away any excess, wipe and wash the clothes. Old stains should be soaked with glycerol before this treatment. Wash the clothes with an enzyme-containing detergent.

Wool clothes

Immediately, sprinkle salt on the stain. Wash the clothes normally, but add household ammonia (8%) and rinse thoroughly. After treat stubborn stains with salted potato water and wash the clothes again.

Silk clothes

Sprinkle an absorbing material on the stain (for instance potato flour). Let it dry and then brush away. Treat stains on bright silk with soap solution. Sprinkle potash on the stain and let it sit for two days. Afterwards, wash the clothes. Rub the stain with a mixture of one part spirit and one part water. Then wash the clothes.